Kazimierz Twardowski Philosophical Society of Lviv


to participate in the International Round Table “Kasimir Twardowski and Contemporary Ethics”, dedicated to the memory of the founder of the Lviv-Warsaw Philosophical School

Kasimir Twardowski

(October 20, 1866 Vienna-February 11, 1938 Lviv)

11 th February 2021


The international round table “Kasimir Twardowski and Contemporary Ethics” is devoted to ethical and moral problems of the contemporary world, the state of these problems in contemporary ethics and moral philosophy. Kasimir Twardowski himself demonstrated a high level of ethical culture by his behavior, and in his works we meet ethical issues that concerned him, namely: ethical skepticism and relativism, hedonism, ethics and religion, the subject and tasks of “scientific ethics” and so on. Representatives of the Lviv-Warsaw school were also not indifferent to ethics. They worked to create an “independent” ethics, actively analyzed the concepts of “happiness”, selfishness and altruism, and so on. Therefore, the following issues are proposed for discussion at this International Round Table:

1. The origin of ethical categories.

2. The concept of good and evil in contemporary ethics.

3. Empirical ethics or metaphysical ethics.

4. Ethical skepticism and relativism.

5. The possibility of creating a scientific ethics, its tasks and subject.

6. The concept of “independent ethics” in the Lviv-Warsaw school and its destiny.

7. Determinism, freedom, and the concept of responsibility.

8. Ethical dimensions of hedonism and the concept of happiness.

Abstracts of 2-3 pages, A4 format, and font 14 Times New Roman, line spacing 1.5, margins – all 2 cm must be sent until5 th February 2022. Together with abstract please send on the separate sheet information about the place of work, position, academic degree, academic title, e – mail, telephone number, postal address.

The organizing committee will reject theses that do not meet the issues and do not contain analysis of the stated topic. The proceeding of the materials will be published after this round table by separated edition.

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